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If programming languages were music instruments…

This post is inspired by this blog post by Nathan Rice . Wich talks about if programming languages were cars .

Me and my friends from work liked it very much , and we have imagined , how will programming languages look like if they were musical instruments ?

In our toughs we tried to capture the spirit of the language and the instrument itself , also just for our entertainment .

Assembler :

Very basic stuff , but experienced players can do pretty serious things with it … Damn you can even play it with a pair of spoons and an empty pot .


Sticks to basics , still needs experienced pair of hands ..


Basics x2 …


Tries to give a modern look to the old ideas ..


Some older  musicians may find it fun to play on concerts  … but me , home ? really ??!


Keeps it simple with very pleasant music in the right hands…


Yes i will buy this game to play it …


Had a feeling of a game , but people started doing pretty serious things with it ..


Gives a feeling like the angels them selves have been playing on it .


You need to be pretty serious motherf*er  to play on that .. but once you  know how to play , its gorgeous .


Where did you get this thing ? How do i play it ?


Does the job with many fancy stuff …


Nice and elegant , can play snake music !!! 🙂


Some find it more romantic …

Shell Scripting

Very simple .. but some people find it to be a very spiritual instrument …


This one is taking an interesting approach .


Well this makes some noise , but i want to see you playing music with it !

This were the languages that we are familiar with , so we cannot judge on other languages that exist .. Feel free to post your comments , i will add your suggestions to this list to make it complete .

Remember , this is only our point of view as we see the things . you may feel that some instruments represent their related languages wrong .